Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lac Attack | The Horcrux of It...

Good Afternoon... I feel like a broken record like something is always going wrong to prevent me from posting. This time the pictures would not upload... I mean what kind of blog post would this be without the pictures. You guys deserve nothing but good things... great things as a matter of fact and I was not going to let my subpar camera phone show you. My camera phone is awful or maybe I am EITHER way ::end scene::

Onto the good news today I have for you fellow Potterheads/ Polish fiends another GORGEOUS Lac Attack. This time I have for you yes you sitting there staring at the screen a dark and gorgeous blackened jelly base with green and gold (Mustard to be exact by the description) glitters. I present to you Lac Attack | The Horcrux of It:

1- NailTek Foundation II
1- Sally Hansen | Black Out
2- Lac Attack | The Horcrux of It...
1- Seche Vite

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lac Attack | Beauxbatons Academy

Morning all! I hope y'alls weekend went well since mine was full of rain =/  Today I have for you my FIRST Lac Attack. The whole reason I got these polishes you will soon be bombarded with is because of twitter! True Story I saw their was a Magical Musings collection and immediately scrambled to GET THEM ALL... alas I was only to grab a few, not that I'm complaining. In all honesty my wallet is crying tears of thanks.

The first I have for you is Lac Attack| Beauxbatons Academy.

1- Nail Tek Foundation II
2- Lac Attack | Beauxbatons Academy
1- Seche Vite

Friday, January 11, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness | Allons-y

I hope this post finds everyone well! The first real post in a while... I apologize for my absence this whole wedding planning thing is obviously taking its toll on my posts...but I vow to return to the planning and posting I was at before! Here we go today we have of course one of my favorite brands Nail Pattern Boldness | Allons-y.

Nail Tek Foundation II
1- Sonia Kashuk | Smoke and Mirrors
2- Nail Pattern Boldness | Allons-y
2- Seche Vite

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crows Toes | Jingle Balls

So my lovelies I am back up and at 'em. I hope your holidays went well... you know Christmas and New Year. I won't lie mine was fantastic... wanna know why? well lets just see about that... Here I was sporting my Christmas mani since I was going out of town with le bf thinking oh glitter will last forever and well it did, but I wish I would have taken a back up to have a more timeless mani... but fun works too!

The pic is after the jump because well it's a surprise!!! NOW HURRY