Friday, November 30, 2012

A-England | Ophelia

Hello there =) It has been a terribly long and frustrating day but TGIF! and as if that isn't good enough dinner is on my work, trying somewhere new to see if it is up to par ;) Well enough about that I hope your Friday has gone by without a hitch. Today I have for you A England Ophelia... are you excited because I know I am! Now I will level with you I am VERY new to blogging/photography heck I am so new let's just call it taking pictures and not throw photography around lightly. Unfortunately, I did not capture all the beauty of this polish but what I did I hope you love just as much as I do!

A-Englad is notorious for having perfection in liquid form, truly smooth application, amazing coverage and I have yet to hear a single complaint about it. I love all dark nail polishes it is a terrible and this beauty is no exception. This is a deep black with the most gorgeous hidden shimmer a girl could ask for. See for yourself!

1- NailTek Foundation II
1-A-England | Ophelia (seriously can you believe that coverage)
2-Seche Vite (IDK why I always do 2 coats but it puts my mind at ease)

Meet Ophelia:

How awesome is this bottle/brand logo?!

oh and check out that backside ;) baby got back!!! (sing it go ahead I am singing with you)


Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful... sing with me again,please!

Of course you want to know where to purchase this bad boy I mean girl (her name is Ophelia) You can get this from Llarowe (big surprise there huh?) or from A-England.

Sorry I feel like I yell at you guys once every post be it for glitter or shimmer or maybe in the future singing... but instead of saying it won't happen again I will warn you chances are it will happen again and most likely tomorrow ;) You will have to wait and see why!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Essie| Yogaga and Beyond Cozy

Today I have for y'all some more essie... are you tired because if you are I am sorry but at the same time I'm not ;) Here we have Yogaga from the Fall 2012 collection and Beyond Cozy from the Winter/Leading Lady 2012 collection. Both purchased from none other than Target... well are you ready?

Here she is in all her glory Yogaga the namesake of the group, a wonderful formula opaque in one coat but two out of habit. As you can see a sandy kind of beige or as essie's description puts it at a peachful (idk about that?) sandy beige... trues story go check it out here. Anywhoo check this non peachful sandy beige out:


Oh what is that I hear you ask what is that... it is my FIRST attempt using my dotting tools... could have been better but at the same time much worse... enough of that Beyond Cozy are you kidding me you don't have it... go to Target right now or wherever carries Essie that is closest to you. Are you seriously still reading this for shame yet thank you all at the same time.

This bad boy is probably MY FAVORITE glitter at the moment... I LOVE IT! It is 2 thin coats over 1 of yogaga.  Nearly opaque in one coat but two is nicer. It is a what seems like to me silver and slightly gold mix of glitters. Absolutely stunning and of course as all gorgeous things are a little tough to remove but HEY thats what using Yellow Stopper as a base coat is for (no hassles with that method) ;) try it thank me later!

Thanks for stopping by... did you go out and buy it yet? Well go now! I mean *ahem* see you guys tomorrow... with something NOT ESSIE!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Polish Galore

That's right it is Wednesday... WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? My apologies it has been a terrifyingly long week. Well I am not certain but I don't think you came here to hear me rant. I have a couple ton of pictures from a quick manicure I wore this past weekend. This mani includes:

Accent Nail:

  • 1-Yellow Stopper
  • 1- Essie|No More Film
  • 1- Smitten Polish|Hillary's Dream
  • 2-Seche Vite
ALL THE NAILS (did you picture the meme*crosses fingers*):
  • 1- NailTek Foundation II
  • 2-Essie|No More Film
  • 1- Girly Bits|Cosmic Ocean
  • 1-Seche Vite
Be forewarned this post is extra pic heavy my apologies ;)

Smitten Polish| Hillary's Dream... this polish THIS polish I am ready to wear as a full mani. Thank God for my impulse buy of a grab bag at llarowe. Perfect coverage... ALL THE GLITTERS! I'd name the colors but if you have eyes you see them all below shining in their black jelly base.

 Here we have another Essie|No More Film (both shocked and appalled aren't you?) It is a deep creme violet, application was pretty good, it was a bit runny but nothing to bad. Of course purchased at Target.

 If there is one thing I love about these pictures with the bottle of No More Film PLUS the lighting you can see the shift of Cosmic Ocean.

Here we have the other star of the show... the last installment if you will. Girly Bits|Cosmic Ocean.

 This polish makes my jaw drop :)

Do you see the color difference between the picture above and below in the bottle?! Well do ya... punk?

Both Cosmic Ocean and Hillary's Dream were purchased from llarowe. It's a crying shame I found Llarowe so early in my polish obsession. ;)

So tell me your thoughts... what combo would you have picked?

Thanks for stopping by... I'll be back tomorrow and I hope you will be too!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness | Flipping Out Hard

Flipping Out Hard-Collage 
Today I have for you yet another Nail Pattern Boldness polish... are you tired of them yet? No I didn't think so ;) Here we have Flipping Out Hard. Breathtaking is it not?! Coverage on this polish is quite naturally wonderful as is all the other NPB's preceding it. Flipping Out Hard (FOH) is an assortment of yellow, green, and blue matter neon glitters, as explained by Allison at her Etsy shop. 

I decided to use Sally Hansen | Brisk Blue as undies seeing as it is a fast dry and a one coater it seemed like a no brainer to me.

1-Yellow Stopper
1- Sally Hansen Insta-Dri | Brisk Blue
1- NPB | FOH
2-Seche Vite

Side by side like buddies =)
Seriously I can't think of a better blue to put under this polish, it makes it seem as if there are more blue glitters than actually having a base color.
I found this color at Target... hurry my children go search. 

Side Note: How awesome is this font?

Seriously she had me at matte glitters... okay really just at matte.

Dear Blue, get off my cuticles... I cleaned up I swear... darn you camera -_- *shakes fists*

Forgive the ugly cuticles... mother nature hasn't decided if it is winter or summer here and it is definitely taking a toll on my skin =/ any recommendations?

What would you have layered this over, or would you have gone it on it's own?

Hope y'all have a great day... I already need a glass of wine or a really large beer, or both. Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Whimsical Ideas by Pam | Kitty Glitter

Alas, I have returned... it has been a while and for that I apologize. Can you blame me, I had an adorable just turned 2 niece over for the holiday... she even picked out her own polish from my stash. What can I say like Aunt like niece? not quite mother/daughter but you catch my drift... of course she picked blue the only blue with glitter I happen to own... for shame i know, but she picked NPB | I Believe I Can Fly... anyways can I make up my absence to you with this gorgeous polish? Sheesh I can't believe it took me this long to show you one of these magical creations. Today I have for you all a gorgeous seafoam green/blueish Whimsie PACKED with both silver micro glitter and some hexes. Why don't you see for yourself?

1- NailTek Foundation II
2- Essie | Turquoise & Caicos
2- Whimisical Ideas by Pam | Kitty Glitter
2- Seche Vite

See that gorgeousness... it applies to the nails EVEN BETTER!

It is a sheer polish which is why I went with a base color first ;).
 I have seen swatches of Kitty Glitter over For Audrey, and some bluer leaning polish but I wanted something a little lighter so I went with Essie| Turquoise & Caicos as the undies. 

oh and really who can resist buying a polish that applies like a dream and comes wrapped like one too.. see the bow, ahhh it reminds me that it was a gift to myself :) You can never have too many of those right?


To order a beautiful Whimsie stop by Pam's facebook for all the ordering details and to check out the latest, greatest and newest whimsies. I am eyeing a few and it is taking all my self control to NOT place the order. And if you don't know me my self control is at a very low standard when it comes to all things polish.
 So tell me what do you think... Turquoise & Caicos a good match, or what would you have picked? Hope your Thanksgiving was great, I'd love to hear about it! As always, thanks for stopping by =)