Monday, November 19, 2012

Essie | Licorice

Good Morningish, almost afternoon ahh whatever you catch my drift. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Everyone that reads this little blog at least *shakes fists at those who don't*  JK well kinda. Anyways today we have a little Essie love again a deep, dark shiny, black creme... jaw dropping is it not. Licorice is a nice opaque non streaky black. These pictures show base coat of Nail Tek Foundation II (trying it out) 2 coats of Essie | Licorice with one coat of Seche Vite. You want to hear a funny story... stick around after the pictures.

Funny Story: After the smooth application of Licorice I was all hey lets clean up no one wants to see this awful mess. I just got back from a little weekend away and I open my travel case get out my nice little angled brush start cleaning up my mess. I keep seeing that black is SMEARING but not cleaning up my nails and just COVERING my cuticles =/ Turns out I went into the wrong section and brought out the eyeliner brush OH JOY! SO I was just sitting there trying to clean up a dirty brush sheesh. Story of my life... oh well

Wait til y'all see tomorrows update! I hope you love them as much as me =) As always thanks for checking out the post.


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