Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CrowsToes | Holly and Hellfire

Welcome =) It is a great morning thus far a little chilly but great nonetheless. Anyhow I bet I know why you are here and it isn't for me is it?! Nudges elbow... Today I have for you one of three CrowsToes Crowsmas polishes that I purchased from llarowe. Of course there are many more in the Crowsmas collection but I opted for the 3 my little heart desired. Truly I wanted more BUT my spending has been a bit out of control lately and unfortunately I don't have a money tree. (BTW if any of you have a money tree can you throw a seed/bulb or whatever my way? k, thanks.) Without further ado here she is Holly and Hellfire in all her glory over yesterday's mani Essie | Licorice...not that you can REALLY tell.

This is my first CrowsToes order and I am ashamed to say it will not be the last sighs/rolls eyes... Love this and will be ordering more not soon. Don't tell le bf or I will get a small "ANOTHER polish" glare/scolding ... eek

Base: Nail Tek Foundation II
2 - Essie|Licorice
1 - Seche Vite
2 - CrowsToes|Holly and Hellfire
1 - Gelous
1 - Seche Vite

I can't even put my finger on what it is that I love so much about this.

Do you see the GLITTERFEST?... sorry had to yell it just in case you too were enamored with the glittery beast shown above... and bc I'm kind of excited

red and silver and oh a hint of pink glitters... swoons and faints

These two pictures make me wanna frame H&H in Essie| licorice.

So my lovelies what do you think?

Again I am sure I sound like a broken record here but this polish was purchased from Llarowe, and there are some exclusive polishes available from Llarowe and specifically from Overall Beauty. I wish you luck in getting them, some are sold out and some are STILL available... NOW HURRY!

Tell me ladies what are your thoughts on this AMAZING polish? Bet you can't guess the other two I have WAITING for y'all! Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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