Thursday, November 29, 2012

Essie| Yogaga and Beyond Cozy

Today I have for y'all some more essie... are you tired because if you are I am sorry but at the same time I'm not ;) Here we have Yogaga from the Fall 2012 collection and Beyond Cozy from the Winter/Leading Lady 2012 collection. Both purchased from none other than Target... well are you ready?

Here she is in all her glory Yogaga the namesake of the group, a wonderful formula opaque in one coat but two out of habit. As you can see a sandy kind of beige or as essie's description puts it at a peachful (idk about that?) sandy beige... trues story go check it out here. Anywhoo check this non peachful sandy beige out:


Oh what is that I hear you ask what is that... it is my FIRST attempt using my dotting tools... could have been better but at the same time much worse... enough of that Beyond Cozy are you kidding me you don't have it... go to Target right now or wherever carries Essie that is closest to you. Are you seriously still reading this for shame yet thank you all at the same time.

This bad boy is probably MY FAVORITE glitter at the moment... I LOVE IT! It is 2 thin coats over 1 of yogaga.  Nearly opaque in one coat but two is nicer. It is a what seems like to me silver and slightly gold mix of glitters. Absolutely stunning and of course as all gorgeous things are a little tough to remove but HEY thats what using Yellow Stopper as a base coat is for (no hassles with that method) ;) try it thank me later!

Thanks for stopping by... did you go out and buy it yet? Well go now! I mean *ahem* see you guys tomorrow... with something NOT ESSIE!


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