Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nail Mail!!!

Hello there! Ahhh what day doesn't get made when you see a little box waiting for you on the counter <3
Here is a little looksie at what arrived for me recently and there is more to come shame shame tsk tsk.

Full Frontals here ladies they are not shy at all 
A-England|Saint George, Girly Bits|Cosmic Ocean, NPB|The Tin Man, NPB| Boop-Ooop-A-Dupe
Here they are showing off there backsides... no shame in their game that is for sure

Here we go down to the nitty gritty. Here we have seriously ONE of my new favorite polishes and ONE of my FAVORITE little toppers. This is A-England | Saint George under Nail Pattern Boldness | The Tin Man. My, my what have we here a match made in heaven. Seriously NPB never disappoints.  This is one coat of Tin Man on each nail here.Are these silver flakies the most glorious thing you have ever seen?  

I am partial to Silver, gold has never really been my thing and this beauty has been what I have been waiting for. This is the same mani I was rocking in the previous post... remember that ring finger with one coat of Girly Bits | cosmic ocean yes well she came out to play again!

So which do you prefer A-England undies? or A-England with Girly Bits? The decision is yours to make.


Again if you are looking to purchase these bad boys look to llarowe or for NPB Allison's Etsy Shop, as for Girly Bits llarowe or directly through them at their shop.

Thank y'all for stopping by!


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