Thursday, November 15, 2012

Essie | Skirting the Issue

Hello there! Just a little welcome if you haven't stopped by before and if you have thanks for coming back. Now I am not going to lie here as I am sure you can tell I am still very new to this blogging world. It is very cool but with all the picture taking I have realized my clean-up could stand some improvement as well as the application itself =/ bummer, BUT on to the good I still love my polish and do not plan on going anywhere. So please don't mind the mess, I PROMISE I will improve! Now onto the goods:

Today I have a little Essie on Essie action. To be honest with you I never really considered myself a red person and heck still really don't but this, THIS color whoa! Essie | Skirting the Issue has made my reconsider  my thoughts on red polish. It is a deep vampy burgundy jelly. Heart be still! I had no application problems other than my little dog biting my sock and well the brush jabbing into my cuticle *le sigh* reminds self of how cute the little beast is. Ahh yes back to why we are here... I present to you Essie| Skirting the Issue and a hint of Essie| Leading Lady (I can't be without my sparkles!)

Forgive the dried out cuticles Texas is not hot the way it should be seriously 40 degree weather... Mother Nature get over yourself (please?) They are never THIS unsightly... moisturizes for the umpteenth time before 9am.

Thanks for stopping by! Last day of the work week for me I am headed out of town =) See y'all soon.


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