Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Polish Galore

That's right it is Wednesday... WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? My apologies it has been a terrifyingly long week. Well I am not certain but I don't think you came here to hear me rant. I have a couple ton of pictures from a quick manicure I wore this past weekend. This mani includes:

Accent Nail:

  • 1-Yellow Stopper
  • 1- Essie|No More Film
  • 1- Smitten Polish|Hillary's Dream
  • 2-Seche Vite
ALL THE NAILS (did you picture the meme*crosses fingers*):
  • 1- NailTek Foundation II
  • 2-Essie|No More Film
  • 1- Girly Bits|Cosmic Ocean
  • 1-Seche Vite
Be forewarned this post is extra pic heavy my apologies ;)

Smitten Polish| Hillary's Dream... this polish THIS polish I am ready to wear as a full mani. Thank God for my impulse buy of a grab bag at llarowe. Perfect coverage... ALL THE GLITTERS! I'd name the colors but if you have eyes you see them all below shining in their black jelly base.

 Here we have another Essie|No More Film (both shocked and appalled aren't you?) It is a deep creme violet, application was pretty good, it was a bit runny but nothing to bad. Of course purchased at Target.

 If there is one thing I love about these pictures with the bottle of No More Film PLUS the lighting you can see the shift of Cosmic Ocean.

Here we have the other star of the show... the last installment if you will. Girly Bits|Cosmic Ocean.

 This polish makes my jaw drop :)

Do you see the color difference between the picture above and below in the bottle?! Well do ya... punk?

Both Cosmic Ocean and Hillary's Dream were purchased from llarowe. It's a crying shame I found Llarowe so early in my polish obsession. ;)

So tell me your thoughts... what combo would you have picked?

Thanks for stopping by... I'll be back tomorrow and I hope you will be too!


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