Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This first sacred post of mine (I will probably look back at and laugh on) I mean really how many people sound extremely knowledgeable (post title... see what I did their) on their first day blogging. Not only am I new to this whole blogging world but also to all things nails.  May I first ask that you cut me some slack here before I go into my little introduction... k, thanks.

My name is Jessica and I am a Nail Polish-aholic,habituate, enthusiast, fine ADDICT give me the 12 step program. Although, if this were an actual program I suppose I already gave y'all my name. Here is the deal I have a growing collection of nail polish that seems to multiply pretty frequently. I have an undying love for Essie and truly I have found myself to be obsessed with some indies, its a terribly frightening addiction. Does anyone have any tips to aid in my stopping or overcoming this problem? Not that I would listen ;) Thanks for sticking around and reading my tiny corner of the world wide web.

I hope you stick around or come back and visit ya know like we are old pals, or don't, you yes you there you do not have to come back EVER . Just kidding please do.

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