Monday, January 14, 2013

Lac Attack | Beauxbatons Academy

Morning all! I hope y'alls weekend went well since mine was full of rain =/  Today I have for you my FIRST Lac Attack. The whole reason I got these polishes you will soon be bombarded with is because of twitter! True Story I saw their was a Magical Musings collection and immediately scrambled to GET THEM ALL... alas I was only to grab a few, not that I'm complaining. In all honesty my wallet is crying tears of thanks.

The first I have for you is Lac Attack| Beauxbatons Academy.

1- Nail Tek Foundation II
2- Lac Attack | Beauxbatons Academy
1- Seche Vite
Truly you would not believe the compliments and questions I got while wearing this beauty. How many polishes are you wearing? How many did you mix together? That is so pretty, where can I get it? etc...

This polish is a mix of blue and yellow hexes and white square glitters all mixed in a milky base. The blue glitter seems to pull it slightly blue which I absolutely adore!

CLICK! to enlarge... you can thank me later ;)

btw if you have seen the movie don't you find this to be the perfect embodiment of the girls from BA?
So tell me loves what are your thoughts on this polish? Do you own any Lac Attack? Needless to say I am a Potter Head so this made me try Lac Attack and let's just say I will be a returning customer. Glitter payoff was beautiful coverage was great and if you are leery to try this new brand... *whispers* she sells mini's! Wanna know how to get 'em just click here.

Well y'all have a good one and I will be back tomorrow with... another Lac Attack!

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