Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lac Attack | The Horcrux of It...

Good Afternoon... I feel like a broken record like something is always going wrong to prevent me from posting. This time the pictures would not upload... I mean what kind of blog post would this be without the pictures. You guys deserve nothing but good things... great things as a matter of fact and I was not going to let my subpar camera phone show you. My camera phone is awful or maybe I am EITHER way ::end scene::

Onto the good news today I have for you fellow Potterheads/ Polish fiends another GORGEOUS Lac Attack. This time I have for you yes you sitting there staring at the screen a dark and gorgeous blackened jelly base with green and gold (Mustard to be exact by the description) glitters. I present to you Lac Attack | The Horcrux of It:

1- NailTek Foundation II
1- Sally Hansen | Black Out
2- Lac Attack | The Horcrux of It...
1- Seche Vite
I will apologize for the tip wear these photos were taken after a couple days wear and anything that only wears that much to me is AMAZING. I'll take two please and thank you!
2- Lac Attack | The Horcrux of  It... no undies
1- SH | Black Out 2- LA|The Horcrux of It...

dripping with yumminess... all the glitters!

I am a sucker for black anything... including this macro! Drools
 So tell me is this something worth getting to you because after these purchases I can GUARANTEE that I will be a returning customer. Well let me aid in loosening your purse strings... you can purchase this here.


  1. love it! black jelly glitters are definitely a fav for me.

    1. thanks, I used to only wear dark polishes... it's nice to go back to my roots! OMG are you back?! I was gone and came back and saw you were out =(


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