Friday, February 1, 2013

Sally Hansen [Lustre Shine]| Scarab

Morning sunshines! I know I said my posts would be getting more frequent I apologize. I have been sick... that's where working with kids can bite you in the butt I suppose but still not a bad trade off. Anywhooo I am feeling much better and just had to share these swatches with you. Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Scarab has climbed its way to the top of my love list.

1-NailTek Foundation II
2- Sally Hansen| Scarab

1-Seche Vite

Truly a gorgeous teal base with the deep blue coming out to play in the sunlight. I was absolutely mesmerized by this polish.

It is described as "An intense and radiant nail lacquer infused with real silver. Inspired by the lustrous color flip of molten, liquid metal and the iridescence of a peacock feather. Creates an iridescent effect on the nail."

This picture was so I felt like I didn't go OVER THE TOP with the pictures, and also to showcase the actual color shift.

Application was flawless! Minus my slightly unsteady hand but hey that's my fault.

Do you own any colors from the Lustre Shine collection? Help me add to my collection by suggesting some of your favorites... ENABLE me!

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