Monday, February 18, 2013

Contrary Polish | Anna Maria

Good Evening everyone... This post has begun a new lusting for me of all things Contrary Polish! If you haven't tried it and are in love with all the shimmers sweetheart you need to jump on board this train PRONTO! Sorry Sorry I got a wee bit carried away I suppose =/

1- NailTek Foundation III Protection Plus
3- Contrary Polish| Anna Maria
1- Seche Vite

This gorgeous creation is a deep teal hue with a genius combination of gold and greenish shimmer. It is simply gorgeous in my honest opinion. I won't lie the formula for me was just a wee bit tricky to handle but nothing a nail or two of practice couldn't take care of... I'll put that on the user ;)

Do you love it?

My precious!!!

Oh and lets have *a moment of silence* rip long nails... I went to go buy some NailTek and ironically broke a nail closing my car door when I arrived at Sally's. Expect some baby nails in a post or two =(

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