Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dollish Polish | I'll Have What She's Having

Good Afternoon my fellow polish fiends, glitterholics or whatever you so feel like being today. Hope you guys are feeling better than me. Can you believe it?! I have for you not only a gorgeous glitter concoction but a PINK glitter feast for you tips today. This bad boy came to me through a mystery bag from Llarowe and let's just say I am genuinely surprised by how much I like this... staring at it, getting lost in it's dreamy, glistening soul just ::sigh::

1- NailTek Foundation III Protection Plus
2- Illamasqua | Prosperity [Rubber Finish Polish]
1- Dollish Polish | I'll Have What She's Having
2- Seche Vite

Now this polish has such a unique multitude of pinks which I can't recall ever seeing. I do thing the polish is slightly thicker than most HOWEVER it is still incredibly manageable. The glitter placement oh don't even get me started it was easy peasy because there was NO placement. Each little stroke on my nail left a hefty amount of glitter no dabbing necessary here. On Dolly's site she explains this polish as being "jam-packed with rosie pink glitter and accented with lighter and darker pink shades to mini that "after-glow" look."


Magnificent is it not?
Top- Shade | Bottom- Direct Sunlight

Now if this polish doesn't embody that "after-glow" Dolly refers to I don't know what does... BAHAHAHAHA ps brownie points to all of you that LOVE When Harry Met Sally. Excellent movie! Need to know where to buy this? I thought so head on over to her shop!
Thanks for stopping by, see y'all again soon.

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