Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nail Nation 3000 | Eve

 Hello all! I just wanted to start out by saying when I got this polish I immediately searched for pictures upon pictures to make sure I got the right one. Not because of the color, it was spot on but my bottle came with no label =(  Anywhoo on to the holoygoodness. This evening I have for you lovelies Eve #403 by Nail Nation 3000.

1- NailTek Foundation II
1- Essie | Licorice
1- Nail Nation 3000 | Eve #403
1- Seche Vite


top:shaded;bottom:in sunlight

top:shaded;bottom:in sunlight
I do have to say that while I am not a huge fan of holos this I LOVE.You can purchase this through Llarowe... as always! I actually want to try it all on its own no  undies...eek. Sorry about that tmi?! JK... anywhoo I can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store for you next... I'll give you a hint... it starts with a Z.

Thanks again =)

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