Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zoya | Vespa

Okay I will start out with an apology for my absence  This little blog is what I enjoy you know? It's an escape, a getaway an outlet from what it is that I do all day... work. With that there has been some added stress good stress but definitely the frustrating kind. Paperwork and house hunting is quite the feat just in case you were unaware. Anyhow I won't be making any promises as to when I will be posting or updating but just  know that I will try my best to get this up and running again.

Okay enough of that madness I have for you my absolute new favorite texture EVER. I have Zoya Vespa for you guys and gals today. This polish is stunning and gorgeous and all things good in life! Coverage exceptional, texture fine and not too gritty, and color breathtaking. On to the pictures:

So tell me is this stunning or what? I find it hard to believe that you would not love this! As I said before coverage was great. What I failed to mention was dry time was not as long as I expected, although I do recommend waiting for each coat to dry before layering on another coat. Also, Zoya recommends no base or top coat. What is shown here is simply 2 coats of Zoya | Vespa  no more no less.

This shade is a dusty jade green with silver sparkle.





Tell me have you tried a part of the Pixie Dust collection or is it not your thing? Honestly I didn't even want to bother with a top coat, why ruin a good thing?! Well until next time, see ya!

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