Thursday, October 3, 2013


Glitter Gal | Lizard Belly

Okay so first off let me start by saying that my hiatus for what seems like forever has come to an end. Again, I promise this won't be your regular scheduled program but seriously it could be that D-Day is right around the corner well wedding day that is. Again my apologies you did certainly NOT come here to hear my crazy antics/rants... ON WITH THE SHOW... btw if you caught that as a reference to Moulin Rouge we are absolutely new found best friends. I digress...

I apologize that the above isn't very quality oriented but still I had to show it! Here is what you came here for. I am sad to say I only have ONE good picture of this incredible polish because camera phone. But here is the beautiful dark green linear holographic polish I have been drooling over for forever.

Thanks to llarowe for taking my money and ridding me of a major lemming.

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