Monday, October 7, 2013

Colors by Llarowe | In the Navy

I mean really I used to be all meh about holo's but somewhere along the line summer changed my mind. And sure maybe it's not summer where you are but surely in Texas it is always summer... somewhere. I have for you a Colors by Llarowe polish and honestly I was completely infatuated to almost the point of no return with this polish. I introduce to you my friends In the Navy. 
I only have two pictures for you again but somehow I feel like just maybe these may not let you down ;). This is an incredibly beautiful, buttery, opaque and linear holo. Too many descriptive words in one sentence you say... I say WRONG! Here she is, in all her glowing glory:

1- FNUG Aqua Fix Base Coat
2- CBL | In The Navy
1-FNUG IGEL Manicure Top Coat

Both of these pictures are in sunlight as if you can't tell. Well if you want to know (by want I mean NEED desperately) where you can purchase this Llarowe is your answer. Don't worry I have another color to show to you sometime soon! It's to die for. Tell me ladies and gents... how do you feel about holos?

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