Friday, November 1, 2013

Picture Polish | Shy Violet

So today I have for you a lovely untried that was just eyeballing me. I mean c'mon if Shy violet is going to do that in order to get worn I don't know how shy she really is... Honestly I got this in hopes it would be a good color for my bridesmaids since the color seemed so cool but they want to be lame and get french manicures... not that that I'm hating on french manicures it's just that a splash of color could work. Let's see if anyone changes their mind!

I'll be honest with you this was a bit more sheer than I expected and this is showing one thin coat with a thicker second. Either way I could care less how many coats need to be worn I ADORE this color. Also did I mention this is my first piCture pOlish EEKKKK and I'll have lagoon up sometime hopefully soon!

I have to say this was a long lasting mani. The finish was a little waxy... gorgeous on its own but I am a personal fan of shiny or textured. This did almost make me reconsider. Well I hope you've enjoyed this post. I am happy to say I am married and the wedding has officially passed and now I think I will be able to get back to blogging!=) Y'all have a good night and an even better weekend!


  1. YAY!!!! Congrats on the wedding, love! Btw, I need this color like whoa. Thanks for the lemming!

    1. Bridget after all the lemmings I officially lust over because of you... this is the least I could do!


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