Wednesday, November 6, 2013

piCture pOlish | Lagoon

Good Evening ladies... It's still not that far from Halloween so I read that back to myself in a Dracula voice. Don't judge me -_-. Anyways on to some totally not Halloween polish I have for y'all the gorgeous and ever sparkly piCture pOlish | lagoon it is a collaboration shade done by piCture pOlish and Fashion Polish. You know how they say if this and that collided their baby would look like this. Well this right here is a gorgeous baby! Okay NOW  you can judge me.

This is an INCREDIBLE turquoise... I mean if you could see my turquoise collection you would wonder why I even need more nail polish. On second thought if you are looking/reading a nail blog you would be wondering why I don't have more ;)  This is a mixture of some holographic sparkles and gorgeous turquoise glitter in a turquoise base. I used three coats but two would do, having said that the first coat is definitely a bit sheer but it covers quite nicely on the second and third coats.

Tell me are you staring kind of hard yet?

 This builds up to such a beautiful depth, I just don't see how anyone couldn't love it. BTW I apologize for the grotesque cuticle on the ring finger I hope you don't take offense. I've been moisturizing like crazy but that one is always a little batty. Also if you'd like to purchase this it is available through Llarowe. It is one of two piCture pOlishes I purchased and fell in love with... here starts a new brand love affair. Well ladies and gents I'll leave you to it.. and if you'd be so kind to throw in your thoughts for moisturizing your lovely cuticles I'd greatly appreciate it. Have a great night!

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