Thursday, April 24, 2014

Takko Lacquer | Kiss The Sky

Hello, my fellow polish hoarders it has been wayyyy to long. Mini explanation after the jump! I have for your viewing pleasure today Takko Lacquer Kiss The Sky! She's quite a beauty. Stick around and drool over this piece of art.

Shown below are two buttery coats of delicious coverage and beautiful not so hidden shimmer. If dark colors are your thang and shimmer  is your game this gem was made for you. This is a deep blurple base with an orangey red shimmer just running through it. Now don't be fooled this copper shimmer shifts to a tantalizing green, sad part is my camera wasn't all about the cooperation today. For shame.

Tell me your thoughts is this a must have for you?

Well ladies and gents the easiest way I can do this without me delving into an emotional vat of crap is... well let's just chalk it up to personal reasons (good for the most part but not all... I'll explain the good in the next post) and some slight illness. But I am back and ready to share my growing stash. While they all my not be new... I can promise they are all gorgeous! oh and happy spring =)

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