Friday, December 21, 2012

Color Club | Berry and Bright

Good morning all isn't it a great day to be alive... ya know since the world was supposed to have ended by now?! Okay anywhoo enough badgering. Today I have for  you a delicious red with a gorgeous shimmer. Did I mention it also happens to be scented, at first I wasn't certain about how that made me feel but I will say I ended up liking it.

I found this beauty at Sally's I actually had to buy it in the duo set because they were out of individuals. I haven't used the flakies yet but I am certain they will be put to good use.


I love the color even in the shade, winner!


Might I just add that you shouldn't be getting many more posts with varying shades as I have finally come to terms with being friends with my camera =)

So tell me is this a red you would be willing to buy or do you have something similar already?

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