Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dollish Polish | Expecto Patronum

Hello there my lovelies. Oh what's that I seem less bitter today, well it could be the polish I have here today. It is called Expecto Patronum... eh eh eh *raises eyebrows* Dollish Polish won my heart with this polish I mean I will be a customer FOREVER (in the tone of Squints from Sandlot) See here my first problem about buying this polish was oh JESSICA it is white, I don't do white I like darker colors but ohhh Jessica it has TEAL glitter... and you HAVE to get it because Harry Potter and Teal well the debate finally ended and here we have probably my FAVORITE polish of all time.

1- NailTek Foundation II
2- Dollish Polish | Expecto Patronum
2- Seche Vite 

I am going to be completely honest with you I was not expecting to love this polish as much as I do.

I realllllyyyyy want to make a jelly sandwich out of this!

Expecto Patronum is an extraordinary jelly with a milky white base with suspended teal glitter mixed throughout. It needed a bit of a roll around but there was certainly NO NEED to fish for glitters. There was still some SLIGHT VNL but nothing a 3rd coat couldn't cure. Truly if you are lacking a white polish I would say grab this now! I purchased this through Dollish Polish

and hey just for kicks ;)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you like the puppy :)

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