Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nail Mail/Liebster Round two!

Holy Haul! check it out all within a one week period... my brother and his gf say I have a problem... then his girlfriend asks if one is for her... doesn't she wish! I mean look at all the pretties that are going to be coming out to play soon! =). If you guys knew KNOW me at all you will know which one is going to be swatched/worn first and then be worn to its very demise. Any guesses as to which that one might be?

Now that you have a slight preview of what you can be expecting in the future I will, as promised answer my next go around of Liebster questions =) Vanessa Marie from Nails by Vanessa Marie has nominated me for the Liebster Award, thank you! Yea have you checked out her page because if you haven't you should! If you have well just stick along for the ride =)

Here are here Q's and my A's
1) How many polishes do you have?
  • I ridiculously just tried to do inventory of my wee stash at work and SERIOUSLY I ended up counting and remembering all of my little babies... 76 I mean the fact that I remember all of them is kinda scary... do y'all remember?!
2) Whats your fav nail shape?
  • Squoval for me please =) I'd love to try stiletto but I wouldn't be able to function with them.
3) Whats your fav colour?
  • Hrmmmm blue is my fav color... can I say colour too? ahhhh that was cool am I cool now?!
4) Whats your desert island nail product?
  • Cuticle cream... I have recently become obsessed with cream and oil not to mention I could use it as hand cream if need be ;)
5)Whats your best nail painting tip?
  • I actually just mentioned this to my cousin... wrap your tips! Helps prevent quick chipping.
6)Whats your fav nail art effect?
  • Does glitter count? If not tape mani's do those count... ahh shoot I tried =/
 7) Whats your fav brand?
  • Well I have the most Essie but I do love me some NPB
8) Which remover do you use?
  • I am still in the process of trying new ones but I do like Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover... and I REALLY want to try out Zoya Remove +
9) Which top coat do you use?
  • Seche Vite but if I am using a glitter polish Gelous then Seche Vite
10) Where do you keep your polishes?
  • As of today a drawer that is about to overflow... as of tomorrow anything I can find that is large and in charge
11) Do you paint from the middle out to the sides or sides into the middle?
  • Middle out to the sides
=) Yay all done! Thanks again Vanessa Marie it was fun =) To check out my facts/questions and nominees check here. Thanks for hanging out with me! See you guys tomorrow :D

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