Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hare | Pegasus

Can I just start by saying...asljkfhaskdh What have I been waiting for all this time?! Seriously I want all the Hare Polish now. I am normally one for darker colors UNLESS glitter. But this just... I can't explain. So without further ado here is Hare| Pegasus.
1-Yellow Stopper
2-Seche Vite

This is an absolutely gorgeous lilac/lavender polish with a combination of silver glitters (mmmm... love me some hex glitter) 

Do you see the depth of this polish...  in the words of Rizzo "Eat your heart out."

it just reminds me of Easter!

I purchased this through... guess who Llarowe. Although that is not the only place you can find these pretties,  they are available through etsy and stay caught up through Hare's facebook. Do you own any Hare? If so tell me what else I need to add to my stash!


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