Monday, December 10, 2012

Hare | Bisbee

Good Morning my dears... normally I am not one for cheery Monday mornings but of course I have stupidly headed on over to Llarowe to check some things out and purchased a Mystery Bag (4 polishes). Anywhoo enough about me back to why you are here... I promise one day I won't go off on a tangent during the intro paragraph. That may be a promise I can't keep. Well today I have for you ladies Hare| Bisbee, I had my eye on this beauty for a while and then decided to impulsively buy this when I saw Llarowe had a restock. 

1- Yellow Stopper
2- Hare|Bisbee
1-Seche Vite
 Hare| Bisbee is nothing short of amazing. It is a gorgeous turquoise jelly with beautiful hex shaped glitter... drools... my apologies seriously ONE of my fav colors is turquoise.


how so very pretty are these guys... never mind the scraggly cuticles.

isn't Bisbee dreamy?

Honestly application was easy peasy, no digging, great coverage and gorgeous... What's not to love? So tell me tomorrow would you like to see some e.l.f polishes, essie or more indie? Have a good one! See y'all tomorrow =)

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