Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ManGlaze | Fatty's Got More Blood

I feel like maybe I start out some posts a little mean or agressive by saying get out... but if you don't like this I get it (well I don't but I'll play along) For as long as I can remember I have loved all things matte. This polish is NO exception, ManGlaze|Fatty's Got More Blood. Even the name is derogatory how could you not love this! And the label art are you kidding me what isn't to love about this...

1-NailTek Foundation II
2- ManGlaze | Fatty's Got More Blood (you could easily get by with 1)
NO TOPCOAT sucka's (I get carried away, my bad)

Fatty's Got More Blood is nothing short of aMATTEzing yes yes I know that was lame but enjoy the pictures without my commentary anyways. This is a deep complex vampy red with a touch of some shimmer. Check it out up close. Also the formula was perfection not streaky at all and dry time very quick. Honestly I have nothing bad to say about this.

also I am showing you all the angles of the bottle so you can see the label in all its gory glory!

(check it out I do have a thumb!)

Well I got this dreamy guy from Amazon. If you want this amazing concoction you can order it from Amazon, Facebook or from their website. Enjoy! It is taking all my will power not to buy Hot Mess, but after buying my RBL's I think I can spare 13 bucks for Hot Mess. 


  1. good color on you! the art work is ridiculous, but what can you expect from a polish with that name! lol, love it.

    1. I love everything about this bottle lol... some may find it offensive I find it amusing. Thank you so much I think it is seriously my fav matte red... and i've mattified quite a bit!

  2. The art on the bottle is really cool in my opinion :)

    1. TRULY I love this art and just want to collect all of their labels.


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