Thursday, December 6, 2012

Color Club | Ho-Ho-Holly

So I went to Sally's and while I am picking up my favorite hand cream of all time (starting about a month ago) Silk Elements|Shea Butter with Olive Oil Hand Cream I spy with my little eye something green and shimmery... and a brand I do not own yet... so here is the newest addition to my collection Color Club| Ho-Ho-Holly

1- NailTek II
2- Color Club|Ho-Ho-Holly
1-Seche Vite

I have nothing bad to say about this! The coverage is fantastic and the color I mean its a lovely green foil with beautiful gold shimmer. For me to say BEAUTIFUL GOLD is a huge deal I am much more a silver person. Honestly, I could have gotten away with one coat but for color purposes I put 2 so that you could see the BEAUTIFUL polish in all its glory! And to think I seriously planned on swatching this and not wearing it as a full mani... who was I kidding?


gorgeous is it not?

Now I have a problem... as this being my first Color Club purchase I officially want more and the local Sally's has no more =/! Anyone know where else I can find this? Let me know! Thanks =)


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