Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness | Don't Drop That Spoon

Afternoon! Well after this eventful morning I am finally here to deliver to you another GORGEOUS (drool worthy) Nail Pattern Boldness | Don't Drop That Spoon. Because I love glitter and all the matte things of course matte glitters are an absolute must. Well without further ado here she is Don't Drop That Spoon!

1- Yellow Stopper
2- Essie | Where's My Chauffeur?
2- Nail Pattern Boldness| Don't Drop That Spoon
1- Gelous
1- Seche Vite

 * Ring finger 1- YS 3-NPB| DDTS 1-Gelous 1-Seche Vite

This is a combination of gorgeous turquoise matte glitters and light green as well! Such a great mixture of colors. Of course I <3 Essie and blueish colors so there you have the Essie undies... Tell me what do you think?

Check out that color difference below...how it pulls so much more blue with Essie | WMC? I personally prefer the 3 coats of DDTS. 
2 coats of DDTS over 1 WMC
3 Coats of Don't Drop That Spoon


As always you can find Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy, Facebook or at Llarowe.

Tell me would you have stuck with DDTS alone, WMC? or gone a completely different color? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow - the color shift is really amazing when you layered it! I agree with you - I like it on its own but I *know* how tricky that is so nice work!

    1. *jaw drops* YOU are here that awkward moment when I couldn't do justice to your gorgeous polish... you mean to tell me you KNOW your polishes ;)and Thanks! PS right after I placed my order I decided I want more... *crosses fingers* Christmas


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