Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge | Aqua Lily

Good Morning or evening or afternoon depending on what time it is when you are reading this! Of course I am a bit peppy this morning since you know this polish is incredibly stunning, drool inducing and well practically perfect in every way kinda like Mary Poppins. As if this polish truly needs an introduction, and if it does what rock have you been living under?! Today we have *ahem* Rescue Beauty Lounge | Aqua Lily.

1 - NailTek Foundation II
2 - RBL| Aqua Lily
1 - Seche Vite 

First off I am quite certain that this color is nothing short of gorgeous and deep. It has a nice pink shimmer floating through it's dreamy turquoise base. It is truly a unique polish in my budding collection.


 Hello there pretty shimmer!

The formula is nothing short of a dream to apply perfectly opaque no streaking or balding haha balding or anything negative at all. Completely worth getting!

Have you been lemming this sweet nectar? If not are you now?  Talk to me what is your ultimate limit/max to buying a polish you want? I think I may have hit mine here with the $20 but never say never huh? See y'all tomorrow... or will I ;)
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