Friday, December 7, 2012

Pretty & Polished | Diner Daze

Good Morning all! I hope your day is going well I know mine is =) I have quite the tasty coffee and am looking forward to a wonderful lunch and a staff dinner this evening at a DELICIOUS restaurant. Let me not rub it in your face about my pre-planned day.  If you have a great day ahead of you, please do share/rub it in my face you won't hurt my feelings. *Ahem* back to why we are here Pretty & Polished | Diner Daze. Oh Mylanta... it is jelly at it's finest... It is described as being: a beautiful red jelly polish packed with black and white glitters. 

1-Yellow Stopper
2- Diner Daze
2-Seche Vite
Honestly, I think this leaned more pink than red but hey maybe it's my skin tone or the batch I got... who knows. I am not a pink fan but this is a pinkish red and I love red almost as much as I love black so I am not complaining. Le bf said it was a "strawberry or watermelon red." Application was as lovely as any jelly I have has the opportunity of using. The black and white glitters applied somewhat sparse which I LOVED. The glitters seemed as though they had settled a bit but nothing a good turn upside down and roll between the palms couldn't fix. I let it do a headstand for a good 5 minutes before applying (I am NOT a patient woman.) So here she is Pretty & Polished | Diner Daze.

See sparse glitters... yesssss

Just to show you I'm not crazy a comparison of color. See it is a pinkish red right? BTW adding -ish to the end of anything makes it a real word. ;)

This beauty got to me through a Mystery Grab Bag-Scratch N' Dent from Llarowe. I think I may go that route again. It is a nice surprise to not know what you will be getting, not to mention I NEVER would have picked this up on my own, win/win in my book! You can also purchase Pretty & Polished from their etsy site or their shop. I've got my eye on Boy Bleu... go check it out already... if you want. So tell me is it a pinkish red or am I just crazy? Thanks for stopping by!


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