Friday, December 14, 2012

Dollish Polish | The Many Shades of Mr.Grey

Morning sunshines okay afternoon whatever... Are you guys ready for this crazy Christmas madness that will surely ensue? I am not that is for sure! Still figuring gifts out and all that jazz but anyways on to some festive literary based glitter polish. Today I have for you my first Dollish Polish | The Many Shades of Mr.Grey. Grey/black always faves of mine so when this came in my mystery bag you know I was excited!

1- NailTek Foundation II
2- ManGlaze| Fatty's Got More Blood
1- Dollish Polish | The Many Shades of Mr.Grey
1-Seche Vite
Honestly I am going to have to say that this polish was flawless in application, finish, glitter disbursement you name it, it's covered. This polish contains silver glitter, an assortment of grey glitter and also includes black glitter and I promise I even got 1 blue glitter, he was unexpected but I liked it anyways =)


no dabbing necessary here, just regular polish application.
Hello gorgeous!
Tell me what are your thoughts on this polish? Anything in particular that you love about it? Well lovelies I am off to finish the work day and then on to the long weekend ahead of me! Can't wait =) See you guys tomorrow, well not see you but I'll be here. 
Oh and because I almost forgot Dollish Polish can be purchased through their bigcartel website or from llarowe (I kind of want Cold Winds Rising). Also I am a huge Harry Potter fan and since I loved this polish so much guess what I ordered from DP? eek so excited. 
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